GO UP – 5 Pairs – G11

Original price was: 30 $.Current price is: 25 $.

Set 5 Pairs – Contains 5 Different Colors

Total Black: Total black and complete for this GO Up only in sober appearance. suitable for every shirt!

Tortilla: GO Up with delicate and special shades! Captivating and seductive!

Lord: Elegant, unique and extraordinary this GO Up with bordot and blue, separated by a very thin white line

Navy Blue: A navy blue color. Fantastic for every shirt.The blue of the ribbon is intense, mysterious, intriguing, a perfect to embellish every shirt!

Gray: Entirely and intensely gray, with an elegant black button to make it even more elegant and attractive!



GO UP is an extraordinary accessory that allows you to keep the sleeves of the shirt turned up in a practical, comfortable and elegant. Bright and fashionable colors intertwine on an extensible ribbon and together with a button in true mother of pearl, bright and refined, give life to a unique creation of its kind.


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