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We provide you with great products that befit you and your lifestyle. Our products are made from the highest quality fabrics and guaranteed to give you functionality, durability and comfort

Our Products

GO UP is an extraordinary accessory that allows you to keep the sleeves of the shirt turned up in a practical, comfortable and elegant. 

GO-Belt is designed to keep your tucking shirts tucked. Custom patterned plush cotton elastic and patent pending full grain leather.

Million Dollar Collar® is a placket stay – not a collar stay or other temporary solution. Significantly improve the look of your dress shirts by permanently installing Million Dollar Collar.

GO Tie Bar & Cufflinks Provided with thress Tie Bar as a set with 3 amazing colors : Silver, Black & Bronze & Cufflinks with Silver and Black colors, you can engranve your name or every thing you want.

Effortlessly stylish, GO Lapel Pins is the subtle detail to take your outfit to the next level, Available in various shapes


Looking sharp needs a nice tie, you can find a various of colors at our website


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